Thursday, March 5, 2020

My Opinion on "The Right To Your Opinion"

*depiction is a work of satirical fiction

Too often I hear "everyone has the right to their opinion" exclaimed with vehemence. Yes, in America we celebrate the right to free speech, but it has always been tempered with the understanding that spreading dangerous lies (i.e. yelling "terrorist!" in a theater) was condemned.

To that end, I suggest we spread the meme "everyone has a responsibility to spread well-informed opinion." If we made this our species' motto it would go a long way to protecting the gullible flat-earther who launches himself in a rocket to disprove an obvious lie. It would also significantly protect society against contagion when a populist idealogue lies on national television that "the Corona virus is a hoax!" In general, it would encourage rational, positive dialogue on all the issues in between.

Today, humans have the ability and opportunity to share the best ideas across the world, and it's in our best interest for the whole planet to be sure the best science, reasoned logic, and mindful compassion are engaged in that ongoing process.

Think better to act better.

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