Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mindful Perseverance

Be Wary of the Human Flame
The planet we live on is being stressed by its occupation of more than seven billion humans and their lifestyles.  Over the past forty thousand years, the human species has worked its way to becoming the fastest world-changing living collective that the Earth has ever known. In that relatively short amount of time we have eradicated by intention and negligence innumerable species, including our hominid cousins, the Neanderthals. All this occured while we steadily transformed land, ocean and air spaces to serve the human whim with little to no long-term reflection.

Having emerged from earlier animal origins humans continue to be driven by inherited primal desires, emotions, and illusory needs.  Evolution dealt the human species a trump card, our minds, and we have used it time and time again against the environment, other species, and our selves.  Our saving grace is this very ability to transcend our evolutionary origins. In the same fashion that humans developed systems to more effectively provide shelter, water, food and technology, we also have developed ethical systems that idealistically reach beyond the default condition of our genetic heritage.

The challenge, of course, is to implement balanced ethical systems that guide human behavior toward a thriving, stable world.  In a thousand years the chaotic planetary chemistry of our own making may very well unmake the human species.  Within a mere million years thereafter the Earth would likely have moved on, pursuing interesting paths of its own devising.

It is in the best interest of humanity as a whole to ratchet up its ethical wherewithal to a level of mindfulness that encompasses the needs of a healthy planet.  The past is behind us, our wake of destruction spreading from horizon to horizon, yet the past is also our instructor.  With patience humans can persevere to work toward a better future.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Primary Objective

The Millennium Plan's core objective toward an ever better future for the planet lies in increasing steadily the well-being of all conscious living things and the communities they belong to here on Earth.

One of Earth's Moving Targets (The Eye of Africa)
Importantly this objective is a moving target that needs must be pursued patiently day to day over the course of decades and centuries.

Equally noteworthy, conscious living things include humans, but also includes the spectrum of conscious creatures that have the potential to thrive and suffer on this planet.

We as humans have a unique, dominant role to steer the course of local and planet-wide effects, effects that impact all species including our own.

The Millennium Plan I will lay out in the weeks ahead shall provide summary guidelines and rationale that can serve as a starting points to inspire human individuals and groups to take effective positive action toward increasing collective well-being.


Friday, January 15, 2016

The Millennium Plan: First Thoughts

As I highlighted in my previous post, I plan to develop a variety of ideas in 2016 that organized and in aggregate can serve as an initial Earth management vision.  The intent is to provide a long term resource to guide humans and their communities to effectively ratchet up well being in the world for all non-humans and humans included.

With that said, I open this week's comment space to reader inputs on project parameters, cautions and thoughts in general.

Quark, Atom, Molecule, Life,
Animal, Human,
Community, World, Beyond
The Earth, Ours to Transform?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Resolution MMXVI: Launching a New Vision

Happy Peaceful New Year!
Another year behind. Another ahead.

The time has come to refine the my blog goals. Goodness First will continue to highlight rational ethical positions going forward; however, I will be organizing this year's posts much more intentionally.  Each week I will continue to post an article that will more or less stand alone. In addition, I will strive to craft each article to be a sequential module that I can integrate into a greater whole, an ethical guide, toward effectively inspiring individual and society at large in the pursuit of a world of greater well being.

Admittedly, this is a lofty goal, alas though striving toward utopia itself may not be possible, striving with vision and patience can nudge us closer with each passing day.  The working title of this Goodness First project is Earth: A Millennium Plan.

As ever, I hope you as the reader will find insight from my progressive writing entries.  Importantly, as a Goodness First reader, I ask for your active contributions to the discussion points, to the writing quality and to the project's direction overall.  Your intelligent, passionate and kind remarks will serve as my empowering muse, ever encouraging me to refine my ideas further.  Wielding this process, a process I find similar to methodical, scientific teamwork, together we can create a living, visionary document that can serve humanity and Earth as a well placed stepping stone toward a better world.

I thank you in advance for your ongoing support and readership for what will no doubt be yet another amazing year!


Brian Bohmueller