Sunday, April 26, 2015

Poetic Interludeness

(forgive the non sequitur this week,  
alas creativity 
is at times its own indulgent goodness.)

shade of grey #51

behind the curtains of a Rapid City Motel 6
my Harley hooded against the wetness
car chase porn screaming at 16:9
ecstasy unfolds between Twain and Steinbeck
thrusting with cruciverbal rhythms
sultry greyness erupts!

tomorrow's fantasy: shadowcide

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vagabonding Check-in

vagabonding motorcycle
Alone on the Road

Having been out on the road now for three weeks on a six week mini adventure, I've gotten a taste of solo vagabonding as a lifestyle. I've established a general routine which involves motorcycling with my gear 3-6 hours on a given day and then setting up camp either at a campground or motel for a couple days.  This permits me to have a chance to experience an area, while also avoiding the 90 minutes of somewhat tedious packing up camp every day.

The thing I've noticed most as I hike, explore historic sites, relax in camp, et al. is that my itinerary is totally up to me.  Which is to say if I want to sit down in the middle of a hike and listen to nature for an hour, read a novel in camp, or check out a location that doubles back on my journey so far, that's my call, hands down.  Obvious though it may be while solo-traveling, this flexibility soothes the often otherwise stressed building of an itinerary alongside another's.

Second, I've gained a deep respect for the infrastructure out there that makes solo-traveling possible. Which is to say, the vagabonding I'm doing is still dependent on civilization's foundation.  Taking a six-week solo backpack would present an entirely different paradigm.

On whole, the experience of vagabonding across country has been a mellowing experience.  The world seems to offer plenty of modest expense experiences, shelter areas, and nutritious deliciousness to satisfy me.  Personally, I feel I've developed a nature which is at home with the occasional conversation with fellows passerby, friends ala facebook, and via phone calls to real world friends.

Certainly every individual will have their own take on a vagabonding way of life, and even then that perspective will evolve over time given the specific circumstances.  For me, I feel the chance to explore the world on my own enhances my life perspective, and at journey's end will permit me to cherish the people in my (currently distant) inner circles even more when the road brings me back to them.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Micro-pay It Forward

Sometimes the world's problems are indeed too big to face alone.  Still there is benefit to doing what you can.  Consider collecting a bag of litter when you go for a hike, or buying only recycled paper products,  or choose grow your own produce to the most stringent sustainability protocols.   Routinely doing positive things and spreading their progressive memes to friends,  families and followers, can make a big difference, both for your community and your self.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Processors Engage

Along our journey it is so important to observe, contemplate and update ones view of the world.  We are too often predisposed to hold certain beliefs as immutable, often because the ideas themselves are weak.  The immorality of slavery,  the non-existence of ghosts, the  healthiness of veggies, all questions of varying import, to be sure,  and each deserving of sincere personal investigation to celebrate our desire to find the best acelebrate

Our duty as sapient creatures includes reviewing the many positions we hold and integrating ever-revised ideas accurately for ourselves and into the education of the next generationand

Mindful progress is the intent and, with integrity and effort, will be the result.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Journey

Boldly go.  Mindfully tread. 
As I motorcycle across the country  for the next six weeks my posts may be briefer than normal,  alas hopefully I can muster a golden nugget of a thought along the way regardless.

Our lives are full of journeys and destinations. The acquisition of endpoint goals are relatively instantaneous,  so it makes sense to immerse oneself more fully in a spectrum of positive experiences as we travel our lives...through a continuum of destinations, of you will.