Monday, February 17, 2020

on personal reflection and poetry

There are moments when poetry, helps one resolve inner tension.

Today two very nice missionaries asked me to consider their cult-like message, and rather than have a long conversation to help each other examine the possibilities, I kindly indicated how my life experience and personal research had put me on a more rational path. Polite or no, I regretted my comments later, feeling like I was a bit of a jerk and, in contrast, knowing they were off sewing seeds of misinformation. Perhaps a better outcome would have been had were I to have broken bread with these young people to allow time to share, rather than fend off a thoughtful exchange. Nevertheless, writing this short poem helped me reflect and heal my internal bruises of sentiment, somewhat.

Consider writing yourself poetry sometime if your insides ache.

a childhood spent swimming
in a magical pond 
'til frozen contemplation had me walking
walking its surface, along
pursuing knowledge and wisdom, their own reward
still ice skating with friends 
might be less absurd

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