Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Friendship Formation: A Pondering

Like overlapping ocean waves the world offers an endless variety of friendship. In childhood serendipity we stumble upon our first friends with instinctive fervor. What fun we sought playing tag, stick-ball and war, all games inherently requiring others willing to commit to improvised rules of the moment. Sharing secret knowledge, television story-lines, and the very beginnings of personal dreams comes naturally on the heels of play. Layer upon layer of trust we build into alliances with unsigned pacts that culture whispers down through the ages. 

Come adulthood, our passions, societal expectations, and a myriad of other quests take us along currents where all too often old friendships wither from atrophy, incompatible ideologies, or one-off scuffles. Of course, as adults if we are lucky and skilled, new friendships can be forged like ephemeral vessels that carry us ever forward.

The strongest friendships are those that resist entropy. In spite of time apart, colossal differences of opinion or an occasional emotional inferno, those grandest assembled friendships float resolute. And when the next wind of circumstance blows, the metaphorical galleon's sails rumble to life and the journey of that special friendship powers on toward an undiscovered horizon.

Ah, friendship.

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