Thursday, February 27, 2020

Forces at Play

Gravity tugs relentless
galaxies bow before Him
patient assembler of worlds
raging against mountain and molecules
yet life stands up to the challenge
revolts against His heavy edict

Evolution, a planetary empress
She selects, naturally
tickling genes, toppling dinosaurs 
turning apes into tribal believers of woo
breeder, breeder, indifferent excreter
Her toxins make new gardens grow

Entropy and Time creep in the wings
jesters laughing at complexity
ready to unleash the evil of undoing
ultimate savages, They shall devour
each and every quark 
countless eons later, They laugh last

Minds sail such seas of impermanence
building walls to outlast memory of self
Each dances with joyful futility
delusions suffered, sometimes with grace
ever in denial, chasing each breath
toward adventures found, and always lost

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