Saturday, March 12, 2022

War: A Reflection

A deep sadness fills me at the moment as fellow human eviscerates fellow human in Ukraine. Not to mention in the other ongoing wars we've forgotten (such as Myanmar, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ethiopia) and numerous other microbattles across the globe. I am a pacifist challenged fighting against the urge to hate the aggressor factions, their attacks and the pain of the victim. Who am I to fall back to hopeful ideology when others are suffering at the behest of angry sociopaths?

I am the loving sociopath, or so I imagine. Deeply felt emotion doesn't come to me and yet I have sussed out living protocols of goodness built upon the idea that although imagined utopias do not exist,  we can always work toward getting closer to such a beauteous Summit.

So what of war? The explosions that tear limbs from people who'd rather be playing video games. The bullets that pierce hearts that could have been thrumming in playgrounds on slides and merry-go-rounds. The Molotov cocktails that scorch the skins of humans that prefer erotic touch with occasional lovers. In fact, War is a supreme manifestation of human misperception of the false dichotomy of Good and Evil. Or rather that is how are minds process War once it has begun, once it affects our lives.

Dare I suggest that the whole of Earth society is a visceral entanglement with the reality of existence. It is absurd to imagine one side of any fight as sacred while the other as purest blasphemy. The complexity of the world we live in is eight billion strong, as our myriad of sapience seeks to stand for eight billion different perceptions of what is Right. 

War is Hell, indeed for the mind wants the darkest myth to capture the essence where human kill human en mass day after day. And yet we live on in this continuum of experience where our hearts cry for freedom for the oppressed, while also crying for the inflation of fuel prices. Which cry is louder at any given moment underscores the spectrum of hurt, absurdity, happiness and sadness and insightfulness and indifference and so on.

I hope that we humans eventually find the wherewithal to forego and capitalize upon our complexities to pursue that false utopian Summit and find an imperfect, yet peaceful Basecamp to occupy for the benefit of all Earthkind.

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