Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Under the guise of patriotism and holiness

Declare war!

Funnel thine wealth to the war machine
That thou may hold onto and gain greater wealth
Train your army and brainwash them well
Focus the violence of their nature, neo-vicious
Hone chivalry to boost morale and cleanse the murder they reap
Then, unleash the rules of war

Rule One: outnumber your enemy
Kill them faster and you’ll outnumber them more

Rule One: keep your rifle polished
But not the bullets; infection is a plus

Rule One: shoot first
And shoot often, civilians, soldiers (or self)

Rule One: never surrender
Death is the only white flag lacking disgrace

Rule One: pay them well and defund everything else
Worry not, you’ll still get the military vote

Rule One: send the poor to do the fighting
When they die it’s a win win outcome

Rule Omega: last man standing wins
Now start building the war machine up again

[the silence between anger and indifference]

Rule Zero: create enemies wherever you go
it's the only excuse you need to declare war

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