Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Thoughts on 2019 (Let It Go?)

Closing out the year is such an artificial contrivance.

2019 C.E. quakes in my belly like a maelstrom. Division, corruption, my country first-ism all in parallel with global crises rising. And yet amidst those wildfires, our species, of which I am part, reigns dominant, devouring resources endlessly, slaughtering animals by the trillions, leaving a scorched wake behind it.

2020 C.E. lies just ahead, sure to build upon the embers of last year's challenges. Yet the opportunity for alliances to be formed to explore imperfect solutions exists. Looking with integrity inside ourselves and our communities we can do better. Toward better planetary stewardship, toward healing of heart and mind, with hope we step forward.

Crossing into another year is such an artificial contrivance.

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