Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Media Madness?

**another short op-ed piece this week...the States of Change serial will continue next week! **

Overheard in a small town book store:

"... controlled by mainstream media.  I mean how did a little known senator from Chicago ever rise to become president. I don't watch TV myself,  but this country is having its strings pulled by the media..."

Reflected within my head in response:

"The media has been lumped into a pile by many lately, conspiracy style. Alas 'the media' is not a single coordinating force, even if you label it all, ostensibly, as journalism. It is up to we, the information consumers, to critically compare and contrast the media sources out there to distill from it the best information available, even when it disagrees with our preconceptions.

It seems to me like the current US regime's intent is to discredit diverse information sources in favor of journalists who are closer to "yes men" for their agenda. This is not a new tactic, as politicians have forever spun positions to advance their agendas. Still, this feels different as the labeling of 'the media' as a force in opposition to American progress seems to have gained traction.

In the end, it is up to us, 'we the people,' to remain vigilant, to challenge ideas that are at odds with reality, and to uphold behavior that moves our country and the world forward positively.

To that ends, I recommend The Economist, NPR and BBC as three solid media outlets to follow in text, podcast, and streaming video to build your understanding of reality."

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