Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The States of Change serial is on pause after four chapters while I'm traveling, so I thought I'd interject my thoughts on the underlying issue of civilization: our alternative fact culture.

In a nutshell, society has been built upon the ethical misconception that the value of humanity far outweighs the value of a robust, healthy planetary environment that makes room for all the planets species.

Human science has been wielded like a weapon by homo sapiens who are convinced the world exists for their enjoyment bar none, inclusive of the right to reproduce without any restriction.

The idea that the world can absorb the damage that billions of humans do for a long period of time is simply misguided. Our animal instincts, emotions, and faith-based purposes are all reinforcing the idea that each human life is sacred to the point of neglecting and destroying the environment that we and so many others inhabit.

The path to correcting our denial of the reality where human impact will be a long slog through famine, sea level rise, and numerous extinctions. In my opinion, only widespread secular education that includes sound environmental ethics and the encouragement of having significantly less human offspring seems to be the only way to correct the long term systemic issues our species causes.

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