Thursday, March 17, 2016

Earth 3.1: A Planetary Upgrade

Clearly, the extensive scientific investigations of the past several centuries has documented the foundational elements of the origin of matter (Earth 1.0), life (Earth 2.0) and culture (Earth 3.0). With confidence the veracity of the many origin myths that religion and pseudoscience purport to the present day can be discounted.

Go Team!
This is not to say there isn't some historic and aesthetic value in the colorful stories spelled out by origin and higher power mythologies.  Human storytelling can convey abstractions that invigorate the human psyche and the pursuits of humanity as a whole; however we need to recognize these mythical tales as the fictions they are.

It may not be easy or quick, but in time society can leave the gods, souls and afterlives of make-believe behind. However, in doing so the real problems that confront the world can be focused upon directly and more effectively. Ultimately by ratcheting up the global ethic of humanity, we can begin the long term pursuit of greater well being for the planet as a whole.

There is no doubt that humans are the Earth creatures of the moment.  As a collective species we have the largest impact on the planet alongside the greatest ability to reflect upon our actions before putting them into influential effect.  In aggregate, the mindful leveraging of human action can push Earth, on all fronts, physical, biological and cultural, into a positive next stage of development.

To this ends the articles that follow will target specific problems and propose solutions to begin the long term journey.  Spelling out details of a millennium long vision has the intention of inspiring conversation to refine long term objectives and processes which can then be implemented over time by individuals and communities worldwide.

With rationality, wisdom and empathy in our tool belts, together we can upgrade this planet toward an amazing world, a hypothetical place I deem Earth 3.1!

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