Thursday, January 7, 2016

Resolution MMXVI: Launching a New Vision

Happy Peaceful New Year!
Another year behind. Another ahead.

The time has come to refine the my blog goals. Goodness First will continue to highlight rational ethical positions going forward; however, I will be organizing this year's posts much more intentionally.  Each week I will continue to post an article that will more or less stand alone. In addition, I will strive to craft each article to be a sequential module that I can integrate into a greater whole, an ethical guide, toward effectively inspiring individual and society at large in the pursuit of a world of greater well being.

Admittedly, this is a lofty goal, alas though striving toward utopia itself may not be possible, striving with vision and patience can nudge us closer with each passing day.  The working title of this Goodness First project is Earth: A Millennium Plan.

As ever, I hope you as the reader will find insight from my progressive writing entries.  Importantly, as a Goodness First reader, I ask for your active contributions to the discussion points, to the writing quality and to the project's direction overall.  Your intelligent, passionate and kind remarks will serve as my empowering muse, ever encouraging me to refine my ideas further.  Wielding this process, a process I find similar to methodical, scientific teamwork, together we can create a living, visionary document that can serve humanity and Earth as a well placed stepping stone toward a better world.

I thank you in advance for your ongoing support and readership for what will no doubt be yet another amazing year!


Brian Bohmueller

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