Friday, January 22, 2016

Primary Objective

The Millennium Plan's core objective toward an ever better future for the planet lies in increasing steadily the well-being of all conscious living things and the communities they belong to here on Earth.

One of Earth's Moving Targets (The Eye of Africa)
Importantly this objective is a moving target that needs must be pursued patiently day to day over the course of decades and centuries.

Equally noteworthy, conscious living things include humans, but also includes the spectrum of conscious creatures that have the potential to thrive and suffer on this planet.

We as humans have a unique, dominant role to steer the course of local and planet-wide effects, effects that impact all species including our own.

The Millennium Plan I will lay out in the weeks ahead shall provide summary guidelines and rationale that can serve as a starting points to inspire human individuals and groups to take effective positive action toward increasing collective well-being.


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