Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Racing Forward

The state of racial equality in this country has arguably improved over the past 150 years.  Recent events in Baltimore and South Carolina certainly indicate there is plenty of room for further improvement.
Take a Bite Out of Racism

I've often been one to think society is in pursuit of a color-blind equanimity, yet statistics show from preschool to death row, people of color continue to be treated worse than their lighter skinned compatriots.  

I've often been one to wish that I personally can achieve a color-blind equanimity, yet I still find myself at times evaluating a community as unsafe based purely on pedestrian skin shade, and I even find myself having to mentally override an internal unease when simply shaking the hand of someone of more direct African descent than I.

All of which is to say unfairness and prejudice are baked into society and the upbringing of young people, regardless of nascent idealism.  Our challenges as human individuals and society is to persevere, working to minimize prejudice inherent in the system and in ourselves.

Toward that end, we should take every opportunity we can to explore and celebrate respectfully the diverse cultures and people (not to mention the multitude of colorful non-human species) that make the world the amazing place it is.

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