Thursday, July 23, 2015

Layer Cake

Oh what a complex, beautiful, ugly, simple world we live in!

How we live our lives alters and enhances that very world. Our actions spring from the constructs that populate the universe, and the bodies and minds we call our own. Some constructs we share, and some we hold close to our heart, and others we aren't even aware of, even as they drive us.
From Stardust to Sugar-coated Smiles: Rejoice!

Physical reality limits us; evolution pre-programs us; family, religion, state, and world-view indoctrinate us. Sometimes it hardly seems that the self survives this onslaught of primordial and engineered ideology.

Arguments of free will set aside for the moment, our existence and the existence of billions of other sapient (and sentient) creatures complicate the landscape. The tangles of environment, society and economy; lifestyle, friendship, spirituality and sexuality, et al -- each tangle ours to untwist and claim as our own. Simultaneously we must navigate among a myriad of creatures that are defining their own existence.

Nature is a harsh mistress, showing no compromise in the execution of quasi-deterministic micro and macro events.  In contrast, humans, by and large, have taken on the challenge of peaceful coexistence.  Yes, we're a work in progress, ever trying to up our game.  As the capitalist and socialist, the vegan and omnivore, the pious and unbeliever we still strive to make our bedfellows laugh and smile by our side more often than not.

So perhaps there is one human ideal that should show little compromise, a deep commitment to permit all to pursue journeys that are peaceful and delightfully intertwined, (as deliciously intertwined as cake frosting and the carbohydrates, fatty acids and flavors found therein--nothing quite like pushing an analogy to the limit)

Oh what complex, beautiful, ugly, simple lives we possess!

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