Friday, March 22, 2024

Rick and Morty Fanfic Episode 3: Tribus Ex Machina

I have a running Rick and Morty geocache series based in the Stuart, Florida area. My next few upcoming posts are republications of those cache listings. 

The original geocache listing for this story is Tribus Ex Machina

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty you'll either appreciate or condemn my take on the series. 

If you're not a fan, the storyline might still offend you. So be it.

There is an embedded puzzle in each story, but you can ignore them unless you have a bent toward puzzle solving or geocaching. 

(apologies to the letterboxers of the world)

"Well, you were right about one thing, Rick, there’s plenty of roadkill in the Earth v1.0 universe. We couldn’t have picked a worse place to get marooned.”

“Morty, why do you keep thinking such obvious observations will help us out of our predicaments? Yeah, sure, if this was Back to the Future 3, Doc would just put roadkill Einstein into Mr. Fusion and they’d be on their way back from a Chef Boyardee Western to their hybrid Giger-Rockwell dystopia. Which is to say,  your morbid banter is about as much help, to be blunt, as roadkill.”

“Rick, I’m tired of you getting off by insulting me!  I just figured I’d start out this episode with a subtle recap for the audience. The third entry in a trilogy always seems forced, so I simply thought I’d get one up on our competition with some sideways witticisms. You have to admit Alien III, Matrix III, Terminator III, Godfather III, even Toy Story III all have one thing in common! Trope-ological lameness!”

“Obviousness again, Morty. Still, maybe some emphasis is required for the ignorant masses that a third story is destined to run into the ground ideas that were original in the first installment and refined in the second.”

“Hold on, Rick!!! What’s to stop us from breaking the sequel pattern entirely, allowing us to literally shatter the dramatic third wall (plus one) in this triply geo-spatial episode. That wall, once demolished like a Hyperloop speculation could allow us to escape Earth version 1 point ‘this world sure does blow!’”

“Horribly constructed pun, Morty but you just might be onto something. Are you suggesting that if we take cues from this universe’s supreme twit we might get unstuck? Which is to say, ad nauseum with Muskian references, that our trilogy disrupting influence would be like supercharging the business constructs of PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and StarLink simultaneously, pushing their capitalistic profit-earning upper limits to the max and resulting in an implosion sucking billions of dollars into a financial black-hole crushing Twitter into a sphincter-style, social-media platform well deserving of the pejorative label X.”

“Rick, are you really agreeing with me? That fact alone is trope shattering. Still, if we actually manage to break this reality, don’t we run the risk of being obliterated in the process?”

“Technically our archetypal, molecular structure comes from another universe, so when this one disintegrates the underlying simulation paradigm mechanics should replicate us back into our default universe. Either way, death or departure, we get to say farewell to good ol’ Earth 1 point “end of the show!”

“Horrible, joyous pun, Rick! Still, it's hard to believe we're putting our franchise on line by relying on the simulation hypothesis being true."

“What have we got to lose, Morty?  Not as if we were collecting any royalties to begin with. Synchronize three-space geo-location to N 1000° 02.1021011 W 2222° 21.201022 with tribus encryption engaged.”

“Such three-peat obviousness!” they cackle in unison as their transport vehicle sputters with hyperspatial thrums and reality vanishes around them.

After an indefinite, perhaps even timeless moment, a robotic voice with irreverent, omnipotent tones echoes throughout the meta verse void:

"Our base is belong to us!"

"Our base is belong to us!"

"Our base is belong to us!"


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