Tuesday, November 2, 2021

everyday magic

welcome to this wonderful world we live in
 where goddesses and gods have danced their last dance
  though dogma still haunts the corners of the real world
   everyday magic sparkles to provide, protect and thrill outright

the beauty of the universe waves its natural wand
 revealing vast libraries of amazing mysteries
  inaccessible to ancient soul interpretations
   but at the ready in the biomolecular alchemy of the mind

the zen of a movie shared with a friend
 casting a spell of emotional comprehension
  while novels build fantastic worlds overnight
    stage actors deliver nuance with verbal dynamite

blind faith and supernatural secrets
 bump their head on scientific insight
  the ancient walls of runic dustiness
    glimmer rainbows when painted with wisdom and light

kisses and conversation stir the elixir of life
 no angels needed to conjure up delight
  for these reasons and infinite more
   everyday magic turns our imaginations bright


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