Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Second Date Spirals (a belated valentine poem)

friendly eyes and lip-gloss allure
across the table her aura I adore
velvety smooth and aglow like lava
the tomato bisque arrives--sans guava
soon to follow comes an errant fly
spiraling about us like Cupid's spy

her smile sharpens, she winks at me
telegraphing a sultry date number three?
focused on flirting she twirls her spoon
glimmering photons from the super moon
from on high the fly descends between lunar beams
plunging deep into rosy puree muffles its screams

a fly in her soup, how trite
a fly now drowning out of sight
and bent on killing our budding romance
so my mind does a mental break-dance
where fear finds me on the spot
inspiring a circle of thought

cycle of life, a fly three days old
having flown its trajectory quite bold
foraged, copulated and explored a-wing
its helix of dna now passed on to offspring
once itself a larva implanted upon poop
Lucilia sericata, now the fly in her soup

frozen across from my date I remain
a maelstrom within wants to exclaim
distract her, swap bowls and wittily quip
yet I watch her spoon fall in an eloquent dip
she gives a sniff, a slurp then, to me, a devilish wink
with a grim crunch the green bottle fly is now extinct

aghast at my thin chivalrous display
an epic failure to warn her away
with a wily nod she motions me close, surely to question
to scold, to spite, to implode any chance of future affection
my internal regret whirls emoting why oh why
as she slyly whispers "that was one delicious fly"

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