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States of Change Chapter 11: Empire (New York)

States of Change is an ongoing work of serial fiction.
The speculative story-line seeks to inspire thought on ethics, culture and our planet's future.

The year is 2076, decades after Oosa's defederalization. 
Fifty independent States have forged their societies from revolutionary technology and ideology.
Prominently, The Augment, a real-time, virtual overlay of sensory data 
has become widely available for personal use throughout many of the post-fed nation-states.

[GF Blogchain:Volume 61:Issue 24:Journey's End]

So I made it to 109. An odd, and decidedly prime, milestone.

Of course when I formed that arbitrary life goal back in 1976, I was a rather silly nine year old who thrilled as much at making fun of Jimmy Carter's toothy grin as I did imagining being one of the few people to celebrate both the Bicentennial and Tricentennial of the United States of America.

Well, who would have guessed back then the nation herself wouldn't last that long.

As I write this on July 4, 2076 I find I must myself reflective on how times have changed. The break up of the US wasn't even the biggest change post 911. The rise of the Nordic-African union, the VisAR revolution, the success of isolation states, and the dark web's transformation into the core sandbox of the open-source universe.

And my travels throughout the 52 post united States has been personally quite enlightening. The select stories, fiction and non-fiction, that I've published have been intended to capture the angels and demons that our cultures, our individual minds, and yes even the nature of reality have driven us to.

In spirit I have felt in my heart to be an American first, not a New Yorker, even postusa. That mindstate is an artifact of my upbringing, yet importantly, with a solid education and a curiosity of existence engaged, I have come to think in mind as a Human Being foremost, and one that must take responsibility in this world for the individuals, species and biomes that can't.

New York has been a good home for me and my idea forging. I was one of the eighty million who rushed to New York State after the Fed fell and the states began locking down their borders. This State's dedication to maintaining internal citizen, cyber and commercial infrastructure was clear to business and engineer-minded people throughout the ex-fifty.

Further, and in my opinion, New York's adoption of the Institute of Information linking the Departments of Justice and Education has been their biggest success story. Implementing third-party and expert system fact checking fully into State policy finally began cutting the corruption from government, commerce and culture. Sure, some may call New York an atheist state due to the demise of its religious institutions, but, hey, the success of ethical community organizations bringing education, health and happiness to the masses with evidence based results and without discrimination speaks for itself.

I will ask my readers, supporters and challengers both, to forgive my periodic, elitist rants in the GF Blogchain these many years. I took a lot of heat for my positions on rational veganism, blended heart-and-mind critical thinking, neo-humanistic values and progressive thought in general.  In my defense, the rant serves as a mechanism of language to channel the author's emotion, and sometimes that emotion can perceived contrived and distastefully. Alas, finely tuned hyperbole can often wake up the lazy mind and lead to a gritty self-awareness. I am not sorry for the content of those ranting articles, for I believe in them lies the challenging path toward greater goodness for all on this planet...that is, with YMMV's engaged.

It wasn't my intent to have this entry sound like an obituary, but alas (how I love that word alas) that is exactly what it is. With a sigh I recall my grandfather sadly telling me "my time is over; it is your time now," way back in the Twentieth. Well, it is the next generation's time now to take the world and its challenges into their passionate and very capable hands.

As a final rantlet, consider, as your State permits, leaving your inheritances and estates in the care of ethical community organizations that truly care (as validated by the IoI) about the health of the Earth in its entirety for all future generations.

Per New York State policy 6.5 I hereby invoke my right to end my life. I have sought answers with integrity, served with purpose, lived in joy and sadness, and I leave it to the rest of my species to carry on.


GF Blogchain Creator, Editor and Writer

Rhumba Rebellion

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