Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

trump wins
civilization implodes
(if We let it)

Numb and helpless. That's the simplest way to describe how I felt after the votes came in last night.

The people of this country and the world will be feeling a whole range of emotions today and for weeks and years to come.  For many it will be disbelief, anger, sadness and disgust.  And for many it will be feelings of victory, joy, and yes, hope and pride.

I honestly don't know if we can heal as a unified nation anytime soon, but has our nation ever been wholly unified?  Too often we can imagine a time where togetherness as a country existed in these united states, alas in the best and worst of times protesters, idealists and change seekers are needed to keep stagnation and human rights violations in check.

To be sure, it will take time for many of the left to catch our breaths, but I submit that our country can thrive even from under a predominantly conservative and unpredictable leadership.  It is because the challenges will be greater that our progressive efforts will need to be all the more stalwart.

And I personally have to believe the razor thin majority has goodness within them, and that with nudges, protests, and conversation, we can still fight for positive change in these trying years to come and make slow progress forward toward a greater good.

For now I recognize I and many in the pursuit of positive, progressive societal outcomes needs must work through some extreme, hard feelings... some peaceful venting and fantasy escape are in order, but we cannot curl up and quit the good fight.

For now I'm convinced that my feelings of depression over this election can be countered with the intake of humane food, energizing exercise, beauteous nature, open-hearted learning and listen-filled teaching moments.  For the pursuit of good works and rational ethics must continue.

In the end, I believe mindful and heartfelt communication and action within our families, circles and extended communities serves a great purpose.  These efforts will not alleviate all suffering, let alone unify us all, but good works can bring many of us together and reaffirm that goodness within humanity lives and progresses!

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