Saturday, May 28, 2016


Just a quickie this week to highlight the obvious: plan your life for great outcomes!
Make Your Schedule of Doom BLOOM!

Sure, it's great to have unscheduled freetime to organically wander in the great outdoors of nature or in the great indoors of stories.  Still, one of the best progressive strategies is to lead, seek out and participate in events that bring together positive change, social connection and healthy exploration!

I won't linger on the minutia this week, but rather by example here share a handful of near future events (mostly in PA) that I find worth sharing out to the world.  Catch the meme and share these or other events you find worthy within the inner circles of your friends or the outer circles of social media.  And most importantly get out there and volunteer, be active, and converse; participate always generously with heart and mind engaged!

Concerts are a great way to channel mindfulness, social fun, progressive fundraising, not to mention just let go and dance to the rhythms: X-Fest (June 10, 11 at Country Creek Winery in Telford, PA) and Piggypalooza (June 18 at Ross Mill Farm in Jamison, PA) are two great outdoor concert events hitting the countryside this summer!

If you're seeking out those who share a positive world view The Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia (based out of Willow Grove, PA) and The Lehigh Valley Humanists (based out of Allentown, PA) are two humanist groups near me that have great gatherings, including book and movie discussions and picnic social gatherings.

Of course, seek out groups that are local to you to integrate positive activity into your life and augment, as you can, your likely very busy calendar. is probably the most prolific event website out there for finding great activities from boardgaming to rock climbing.  It's also a great place to meet new and like-minded people in your area as well as start your own activity centric group toward positive progressive change!

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