Friday, October 16, 2015

Joy = Tomato ( π )

Sir Slicealot at Your Service!

In days of yore, there was evil rampant upon the land that threatened the very existence of the kingdom. Villagers from the surrounding countryside gathered at the castle's gates to appeal to the wisdom of the good king.  Under the circumstances extreme measures were called for so their leader gathered his knights around the celebrated round table to deliberate.  After hours of heated discussion the king erupted upon the high terrace and announced with great aplomb to his concerned citizens: "Let's have a pizza party!"

And so all the residents of the land, rich and poor, young and old, invited their would-be evil fellow humans to throw down their weapons and join in the celebration of deliciousness that is pizza! Baked into doughy disks decorated with delicious toppings, pizza was the round table-fare of the people.  And so the war was ended and much consumption was had and plenty of merriment foisted with joyful laughter forever after.

Nothing quite says community like a pizza party!

Whether celebrating a recent victory, thanking friends who kicked in painting your house, or just because a group of famished acquaintances happen to be in arm's length of a a Pizza Hut app, pizza symbolizes the pinnacle of civilization.  Organizing an order, negotiating toppings, anticipating delivery, splitting the bill and of course consuming the innocent round entree all contribute to the heart that is the very essence of being socially welcoming human beings.

One veggie-lovers with vegan mozzarella, please!

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