Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Defining Goodness

Defining terms is always a must in order to have a meaningful conversation.  It would be less than productive to make progress on a task if you're asking for a Metatransmogrifier, but your assistant thinks the Metatransmogrifier is really a Transdimenionalizer.

So let's define "Goodness."  (I kind of like the capital G of Goodness because like Truth, Humanism and Nature, I feel Goodness is a worthy capital concept.  I also dislike the capital G because it bespeaks legal trademark like Scrabble, Fruit Loops and God.  Alas I will continue to capitalize it if only to set off the word within my bloggy contemplations...and as you will see I believe Goodness is untrademarkable)

Okay, let's jump to the twist right away.  I think Goodness can't be discreetly defined (as in a water molecule equals two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom), which is a weakness, alas that flexibility is its strength as well (as in bread equals anything with breadness (raisin bread, whole wheat bread, and maybe even an everything bagel) .  Like so many (human) concepts their complexity ages with time, and I think the term Goodness deserves a prime place when contemplating global culture, particular situations, and even the well being of species other than H. Sapiens.

Plainly, Goodness is going to be many things for different people.  This is part of the process.  As the world's only known sapient being we are entrusted with defining what the greater Goodness is and then working together to accomplish it in our lives, the lives of other and across the planet (and beyond)!

And in all seriousness, I cannot think of a better prime directive (sorry Mr. Roddenberry) than making Goodness our A1 priority!

Goodness First!

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