Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Walkaway, A Patient Solution to Systemic Collusion?

The world is a frustrating, wonderful place to be living in right now.

It is wonderful in the ways it has always been, though perhaps more so for the wealthy of the past. At present, a majority of humans has access to wondrous technologies, cutting-edge scientific understandings, and amazing opportunities to pursue adventurous, meaningful, and satisfying life experiences. 

It is, however, immensely frustrating to see global powers consumed by runaway tribalism, oligarchy and amoral infighting. The growth for growth's sake economic paradigm sends a message to its constituents that consumerism is the path to satisfaction. It is a message that implies putting compassion and reason behind monetary through-put.

Walkaway, Cory Doctorow's cyberpunk, post-scarcity novel, daringly looks forward past global frustration to the toppling of the ransack-the-world pyramid scheme. In his imagined future the world strides toward a networked, peer-assisted, relationship-intensive society. This anarchy of connected human presence perseveres gradually displacing the "zotta-empire." As a bonus, and a utopianish catalyst, human mind download and preservation further inspires individuals to face the militarized corporate status quo and dream bigger.

Although Doctorow's escapist plotline stirs the heart and mind, pragmatically it is unrealizable in my lifetime. And yet, there remains the opportunity to walk away.

In fact, a sizable minority in the world around me have already chosen to walk away (at least partially) from out near enslavement society.  Many options exist beyond the 9-5 "hate what you're doing," work-to-live, golden handcuff  scenario: minimalist early retirement, tiny home living, backpack journeying, couchsurfing, parent hosteling, virtual adventuring, and vegan/green/peacenik/commune culture seeking.

With mini nest eggs or hand-to-mouth subsistence methods in play, many are taking their lives into their own hands, loosening the chains of nationalist expectations. The current governing regimes continue to press their luck walking toward the false oasis of endless economic expansion.  Sooner or later, resource over-harvesting, pollution generation, and exponential human reproduction will cause modern society to falter.

Rising from the ashes may be our best long term hope for the planet. Nevertheless, putting goodness first in our daily lives, leveraging compassion and reason at a grassroots level serves a grand and humble purpose. To build a foundation for the phoenix to rise while doing good for goodness' own sake.

Yes indeed, we can walk away and journey down a trail of our own.

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