Thursday, August 18, 2016

Olympic Measures

Aim High!
While watching the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janero this week, I'm reminded of how humans can put forth such amazing effort to accomplish things that we value in the abstract. Sure we can wag a scathing finger at the scandals fueled by drug testing, corporate sponsorship, financial corruption, and even the global nation-state model itself (and well we should to foster improvement at each opportunity).

Still, the grand symbolism of human beings from diverse and distant places worldwide competing together peacefully easily outweighs these issues, taking leaps beyond any medal count statistic. Similarly with great mindfulness, training, and visionary heart humanity as a whole can restore, and augment, the Earth toward a fuller majesty, a state that strains ever to reach the epitome of natural, ethical, and artistic beauty for all denizens of the world.

Give us time and we'll earn the Gold!



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