Friday, February 5, 2016

A Millennium (re)Vision

We can figure this out!
A lot can happen in a thousand years.  Humanity has demonstrated just how much a single species can impact a planet and its ecosystems, not to mention its own culture, even over the past century alone.  Scaling up manufacturing production, information sharing, medical technology, universal knowledge: all of these things have made individuals and organizations more effective at accomplishing the targeted objectives of the human whim.

It seems obvious that bringing to bear the organized pursuit of general well being for the entire planet is well within the capability of billions of human beings.  That is, if we can unify our efforts toward common objectives humanity can accomplish any realistic end state.  And yet, gathering together men and women and the governments that lead them to progressively maintain a better world is rather like herding seven billion cats...on a free range, catnip plantation.

Developing and sharing ideas in a unified fashion has the potential to provide conditional access to those proverbial catnip plants.  A long term vision  that is marketed successfully can catalyze human effort en mass.  Certainly, any long-term vision will have its short-sighted nuances.  As such, a world vision needs to be flexible, both to appeal to a wide variety of people and to permit midstream adjustment over time.  (Yesterday's ozone layer hole becomes today's hurricanes becomes tomorrow's rising glacial ocean threat)

The general goals of this Millennium Vision* project has the single intention of targeting the parameters of greater goodness for our world system.  Admittedly, I am personally "channeling" this one draft version of a better future for all.   Yes, I am one of billions who might come up with parallel visions, yet I have hope that through honest, rational eyes I can present parameters of a particular future that is especially worthy of pursuit.  (at least I will have made a honorable attempt)

One thousand years is an eye blink to the Earth's billions of years.  Yet over the next fifty human generations humanity will likely play the largest role in what comes to be on this planet and relatively nearby.  In that sense these human generations will wield the closest thing to godlike power the world has ever seen.  If we mindfully envision a future, act on that positive target, and monitor and correct as we go, the world stands a much higher chance of arriving at an especially beautiful place.

Let's get to it.

* Note I have rebranded the working title of this project from The Millennium Plan to The Millennium Vision.  A long term vision must come before assembling the rigorous plan to get there.


  1. Thinking about the W O R L D can be so daunting.

    Bringing things closer to home in a Think Locally, Act Locally mentality seems to bring me more of a sense of accomplishment in this life.

    ~friend of GF

  2. Somebody has to do the daunting work of the world! LOL

    Local organizing is definitely part of a larger world vision and very well could and ought have its own ongoing discussion for everyplace.

    I choose to build a framework vision for the W O R L D partly because it is B I G (nothing like taking on a big challenge), partly because an overarching vision seems necessary to influence regional and local visions beneath it (though bottom up influence is fine too), and partly because "the world" is an abstract concept that implies ALL THINGS will be considered (whereas "local visions" by their very name would have a much narrower focus)

    Also note, Goodness First is pretty much a open-to-the-public think tank. It will encourage activism as part of its vision forging, but at this time GF activism as an objective is a hopeful side effect.

    To that ends, you might consider starting a local activism circle that has GF as one input into its action objectives.


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